Vom Shiningwater – B Litter

The pups have arrived! Cora’s birthing was prosperous, with a total of 11 pups, three male and eight are female. We’ll be updating the site with names and photos on the Vom Shiningwater B Litter as time permits.

Whelp Date: March 9th, 2023, 8 females, 3 Males

Cora vom Hügel-Haffen

D1, AZP2, G (66cm) HD A-2 OCD Frei

CoraCora is a stunning, large, elegant and industrious female of the Hedge-Haus type. In spite of her power and prey drive, Cora was very easy to train and is a joy to hunt with. At an early age she became proficient at handling wild pheasant in the fields of Nebraska and grouse in the forest of Michigan. She has also become experienced at handling pen raised pheasants by hunting them at shooting preserves.
Download: Ahnentafel

Bazil vom Golden Sun 0002/16

D1, S1, HZP 182, HN VGP 3 (279pts), NAKP Pz.1 (136 pts). VGP 1 (303pts.) SG, HD-A1

bazilBazil is the complete Deutsch-Kurzhaar package with a soft heart. After completing his testing career Bazil has been hunted extensively on the Minnesota and South Dakota prairies. He has successfully bloodtracked over a dozen white tailed deer in the hard wood forests of Minnesota. Bazil is a successful waterfowl retriever. He is easy to live with and is a great companion dog.

This breed will produce powerful hunting dogs with easy trainability and loyalty. The pups will all be braunschimmel, and the genetics will be a great combination and fresh to north America.

For further information about the litter, contact Hank Krawczyk – Zwinger vom Shining Water
Email: shiningwaterdk@gmail.com
Cell: 231.907.2197


Cora’s Litter – 3 Weeks

1. Bazil – Male

2. Bruno – Male

3. Byron – Male

4. Baylynn – Female

5. Blanka – Female

6. Bonnie – Female

7. Britta – Female

8. Becca – Female

9. Bell – Female

10. Brandy – Female

11. Brenda – Female